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About Us

Controlled Conditions began as a company in early 1977 and incorporated in the State of Virginia in April 1978. Our primary purpose is to meet the design, installation and service needs of customers in the following industrial segments:

1. Commercial Facilities – Building Environmental Systems (Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration, and Controls)
2. Industrial Facilities – Building Environmental Systems and Process Cooling, Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Environmental Ventilation and Controls
3. Institutional Facilities – Building Environmental Systems, Clean Room Environmental Systems, and certain Laboratory Equipment maintenance and Calibrations


In addition to providing the typical range of services for property managers and owners in standard commercial building heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and controls, Controlled Conditions has developed a few very specialized markets:
  • Providing comprehensive service and support for complex industrial facilities such as petrochemical and plastics manufacturing plants where we not only provide support for building comfort systems, but also for process cooling, environmental and manufacturing ventilation systems and similar equipment. These facilities require a high degree of safety knowledge and practice.
  • As a Honeywell “Automation Controls Specialist (ACS)” contractor, we have control capabilities in products, applications, and systems for medium-to-large commercial buildings. An ACS contractor is approved by Honeywell to install building automation systems, commercial components (direct coupled actuators, mod motors, dampers, economizers, pneumatics, sensors, variable frequency drives), and thermostats.

  • Our operations in medical refrigeration for Institutions involved in the storage of blood and blood products, organ, tissue and embryonic banking have led to the development of service capabilities in ultra low temperature freezers, cascade and cryogenic refrigeration systems. In addition to medical coolers and freezers Controlled Conditions also maintains capabilities for maintenance, repair and certification of medical incubators, centrifuges, shakers, cryostats, ovens, fume hoods and various other medical equipment. We are an approved service provider for Thermo Electron and other manufacturers.


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2289 S. Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA